Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Solidarity? Inconceivable!

I just filled out a survey where I gave the most isolationist answers of my life.  Nope, not about the future of the US military or when folks should use force in international relations.  Nope, it was a survey about a potential Quebec International Solidarity Agency.  What is that?  I have no idea. 

Ok, that's not true.  From the questions, it is quite clear that the QISA would be a CIDA/AusAID/USAID... an agency aimed to help relieve poverty, push for human rights, and all that.  I am against it.  Why?  Do I hate humans and their rights?  Do I like poverty?  No.  I dislike it because it is yet another symbolic effort by Quebec to be a country when it is, dare I say it, a mere province.  I would not mind a sub-state unit reaching and helping out in the world if the unit was not so incredibly dysfunctional at home.  Riven by corruption, collapsing infrastructure all around, over-taxed and yet under-serviced, why should Quebec of all places be trying to fix other places? 

QISA would be a wonderful example of √©cureuil!  That is, squirrel!  Distraction sauce!  Is this really the time for Quebec to create a new agency, which means yet more bureaucrats?  To support higher education perhaps elsewhere (one of the possible priorities on the survey)?  Yet higher ed is facing steep cuts in Quebec.  So, this would be one of the most wonderfully hypocritical agencies on the planet. 

So, yeah, I am against.  I am sure my survey answers will resonate ... or not.

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