Friday, July 25, 2014

An Optimistic Outlook: Limited Number of Evil-doers?

So, Igor Strelkov of the Malaysian plane downing in Ukraine may have been involved in a mass killing in Bosnia in 1992.   One possible interpretation is that the number of evil assholes in the world are finite, so that when you need something bad done, you reach out to one of the few guys who is willing to do this kind of stuff (kind of like asking Rumsfeld to be Secretary of Defense again?).

After a thoroughly depressing week or two, I have to grasp at such straws.

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Chris F. said...


Surely you've heard the report of a mass grave uncovered in Sloviansk after it was recaptured by Ukrainian government forces? Some twenty bodies have been uncovered so far, four of whom have been identified as 'young men who were led away by the occupying rebels and never seen again.' Sound familiar? Who was the commander of the rebel forces in Sloviansk at the time? Strelkov. On May 2nd, the Kyiv Post reported that 32 people who were detained or abducted by the separatists were still missing. I can only imagine that more young men suspected of 'being Ukrainian agents' or something were led away since then, and that as the Ukrainian forces encircled the city the rebels grew more desperate and took desperate actions against those they detained and anyone they believed posed a threat.