Tuesday, December 22, 2015

DC Ritual: More Mall

Nearly every year my daughter and I head downtown when visiting the in-laws in the DC area.  We go to the Mall and go to a museum or two.  This year, we did things a bit differently, focusing on memorials and monuments.  College Spew came to the same conclusion I always come to--the US capital is mighty special in how much amazing stuff is packed into a small area.  Other nation's capitals have cool stuff, but not quite this wonderful dynamic density of museums, moving memorials, and cool scenery:

We will have to save the Holocaust
Museum for another time
Pentagon and 9/11 Memorial from an angle I had never taken before

My kid's photography class pays off

Jefferson Memorial

FDR Memorial

Eleanor Roosevelt and her UN stuff

FDR and his dog!

The MLK memorial is next to the FDR memorial
Tis a very moving space with many key quotes


Korean War memorial

Korean War Memorial

Don't remember taking pics of Lincoln memorial at dusk before

This tree was mostly of cards and other momentos by/for Vets

White House Christmas tree

Front of White House from a distance

Back of White House, from closed street

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Rodger A. Payne said...

My mother-in-law lives in Arlington, so this reminds me of many past holidays. Plus, my wife and I started dating when I was GVPT doc student at Maryland and she worked at OTA. One of our first dates was a picnic near Jefferson Memorial while cherry blossoms bloomed.