Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Loser's Lurgy

I have written before about how much I hate folks using Social Justice Warrior as an insult.  A friend of mine was called one today and she accepted it with pride:
This led to a conversation back and forth about what it all means.  That it is ironic that these folks are so upset that the SJW's are winning, including via the inclusion of women in more and more parts of the US military. 

I became familiar with this SJW insult via the gamergate controversy.  I cannot help but note the irony that those who play games get so upset when they lose in the field of gender politics.  Why?  Because if one plays enough games, one has to get used to losing.  Unless one possesses a cheat code, of course.  I play heaps of poker, and the reality is that even when one wins much of the time (I was on a roll a few years ago), one loses much of the time.  Even the best poker players lose far more often than they win (thinking tournaments here, not fleecing amateurs).  In all games, losing is an ongoing reality.

Well, the folks who are upset at social justice warriors are upset because they have been losing.  Oh how they have been losing.  Sure, patriarchy still exists and they can still take some comfort in that, women are doing far better than they were twenty or thirty or forty years ago.  Yes, they still don't get paid enough, but they are doing very well in school, leading most of the organizations and outcompeting the men in getting the top grades.  The opponents of the SJWs are upset that women and their allies are becoming a threat with their increased power and influence.

Sucks to be them.  All I know is that when people hurl around SJW as an insult, I then devalue anything else they say.  They lose credibility instantly.  Sure, one can find various policy stances to be problematic, but if you want to diminish someone for fighting for social justice, that makes you a social injustice warrior, right?

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