Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ethnic Outbidding Continued

Vox took my piece and ran with it this morning.  I just a couple of things to add.  First, the story gets it right--that Trump is competing with other white Republicans for the white Republican vote.  Which means that the targets of the outbidding are not just Muslims, but remember his comments about Latinos and African-Americans.  We should not be surprised when various white supremacist groups find Trump's statements appealing. 

Second, the story underplays a critical dynamic--the inciting violence part.  That Trump's xenophobic speeches and those of other Republicans are encouraging violence against Muslims and against those that bigots think are Muslims (mostly Sikhs).

Third, coincidentally, I found online last night a video of me explaining ethnic outbidding and other elements of ethnic conflict.  SAGE taped this last year as part of an effort to have professors explain basic concepts in various fields.  I talk about ethnic outbidding about a minute and a half into the video and I keep coming back to it.

Stephen M. Saideman, PhD v 3 from Tony Peck on Vimeo.

Fourth, the Guardian apparently had a piece saying that profs should not do engagement beyond the academic sphere because we end up simplifying.  My short take on that: damn straight.

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