Thursday, December 31, 2015

Twitter Year in Review

Twitter analytics goes back as far as three months, so instead of a year in review, here is a quick statistical summary of each quarter.
My post election tweet was the most visible/engaged, whatever that means.  My second was commenting on Victor Assal's tweet that polls show that most in eight Muslim majority countries blame repressive, corrupt governments for rise of ISIS.  NATO point had to be repeated this year--nothing automatic about Article V even after Paris ttacks.  Promoting a media hit came in fourth, and criticizing quick criticism of Trudeau government's plan to bring in refugees..  Perhaps a typical quarter?  Let's check the rest of the year out.

3rd Quarter
First was just part of a discussion with a friend... , second is NATO related.  Third is criticizing the candidates for caving into the Dairy Cartel.  Fourth is related to the third--the big foreign policy debate.  And then taking shots at dumb piece on Iran
2nd Quarter
 Tweet of the year: On the Confederate flag issue.  Second highest tweet is on GWB and Iraq. Third: oops I scare-mongered via Russia/Baltics.  A bit on free speech and the next part of my confederate flag rant.
 1st Quarter
US/NATO providing reassurance; criticizing Europe for selling out Ukraine (which they have not yet done, to be fair); ethnic politics; not a fan of "realist" takes on Crimea/Ukraine; participating in snark fest #AskanAyatollah
Any patterns? Not really.  NATO certainly but also various issues in Canadian politics, engaging mainstream media stuff, just a bit of snark.  Hmmm.  And this will serve as the last bit of navel gazing in 2015.

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