Friday, July 28, 2017

Rank Rankings, Narcissist Edition

I was reminded when posting on FB that I have a new graphic on my blog:

I was notified that the Semi-Spew is on a list of top one hundred poli sci blogs.  Really!  Not only that but I am fifth on the list????!!!  Of course, I have long been skeptical of rankings and have no clue about the methodology that has me ranked ahead of many more influential, smarter blogs, such as,,, and others.  Indeed, the list is a hodgepodge of journal/press sites, professional associations, units of schools, etc.

But I would like to thank the academy, my agents, my team, my personal assistant, the little people (students), my producer, our screen-writer, and my publicist...... oh, and my wife, Mrs. Spew.

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