Friday, May 15, 2020

Ten Pick Me Up Songs

Chuck Wendig asked tonight:

And we need so many pick me up's that I can't stop at just one.  How about a listicle of ten, as required by blogging norms?
  1. Don't Stop Me Now by Queen gets me going as much or more than any other song.  It is hard to sit still when this comes on.  And the message is very much needed in normal times, but now?  Oh my.  Thank you, Mr. Farenheit!
  2. Anyway You Want It by Journey works for me more than other Journey songs that I like more.  This one just hits the energy button.
  3. One Way or Another by Blondie.  The combo of guitar and Debbie Harry's growling version of this song.
  4. Twist and Shout by the Beatles.  The song is good on its own, the imperative to get up and twist, and, then, yes, how it invokes the best parade scene in all of the movies (even better than the one in Animal House).  Ferris, thanks for bringing this song back.
  5. 1985 by Bowling for Soup.  Because, well, 1985.  And the video is delightful.  To be fair, many Bowling for Soup songs make me smile.  They have some of the most fun songs/lyrics.
  6. Stacy's Mom by Fountains of Wayne.  Because it is funny and snappy (the recently departed Adam Schlesinger knew how to make delightful earworms. And Rachel Hunter.  
  7. I Wanna Marry My Stalker by Goldfinger.  Because it is funny song.  
  8. Eight Days a Week by the Beatles, of course.  Lots of Beatles songs can go here, but this one has the right amount of pep to always bring a smile.  Plus it was one of the first songs I fell in love with when I was 12.
  9. Paradise By the Dashboard Light by Meatloaf.  Teen lust, a combative duet, Meatloaf meatloafing, changes in tone/speed/etc.  
  10. Take It Easy by the Eagles.  It has special meaning because my daughter and I passed through Winslow, Arizona on the way to her starting her adult life in Los Angeles.  That song will always make me smile know as I remember the day I hobbled on my freshly sprained ankle in the wrong direction to get to the red flatbed ford to get a picture before sunset:

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