Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ask The Reader: What Toy Did You Save/Betray

Finally saw Toy Story 3 last night in the comfort of our basement family room.  The setting was especially appropriate given the plethora of semi-abandoned toys in the room.  The movie was terrific, and the room did get dusty especially as Andy gave his favorite toys to the little girl.  I teased my daughter and wife by looking for our Woody and Buzz.  While we remembered quite well which toys were my daughter's favorites, I have a hard time remembering the toys that I loved the most and played with the longest.  I have fond memories of my big wheel, and I do remember that lincoln logs were fun for a while.  But I really have no memory of a particular doll (that might have a personality that I could have betrayed by leaving behind). 

So, the question du jour is: do you have a toy that comes to mind when Toy Story 1/2/3 make you feel guilty about leaving them behind?

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