Sunday, November 21, 2010

Scary or Silly? Quebec Patriotic Militia

There is a new website for a Quebec militia group.  A force for independence?  Given past reactions to the use of violence by the FLQ (Front for the Liberation of Quebec), this new group is not going gather much steam.  But what does it say that there is such a group and that it has a website?  Not much, since anyone can call themselves anything and put up a site.
"The basic objective is to provide a structured response force that can, with a maximum staffing, providing relief material and moral disaster caused by natural disasters, internal disturbances such as rupture essential services, or protect against an aggressor or invader who would assimilate the people or steal their wealth and those of its territory."
I have not read the propaganda on the websites of American militias, so I cannot say whether this is that different.  What is striking is the idea that there is any wealth-stealing going on from outside, given that the federal government subsidizes Quebec, not the other way around.  The Alberta militia could credibly claim such theft, though.  It is also striking given that the past fifteen years have pretty clearly indicated that the federal government would not use force if there was a successful separatist referendum.  So, imaginary fears, but, again not surprising because only those with a vivid imagination would expect support for violence here. 

That is what makes Quebec so exceptional--a separatist movement that is intolerant of violence.  A snazzy website is not going to change that reality.


Mrs. Spew said...

The rhetoric is the same as American militias.

Anonymous said...

their website is not even nicely made, probably someone from the members just drafted something around, at least they could use some Professional website design company from Montreal to create a good website

Anonymous said...

And they didn't even have the decency to translate their website for us anglophones! ;)