Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Good Reason to Send Your Kids ot Private School

 “Anyone who reads this document can see that it promotes acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle,” one mother said at a six-hour school board meeting in late September.NYT

If you find being tolerant of homosexuals to be anathema, send your kids to a religious private school.  Sending your kids to public schools means having to deal with public policy, like how to create an environment that recognizes the reality that there are gay people and that we ought not drive them to suicide. 
“Of course we’re all against bullying,” Mr. DeMato, one of numerous pastors who opposed the plan, said in an interview. “But the Bible says very clearly that homosexuality is wrong, and Christians don’t want the schools to teach subjects that are repulsive to their values.”
The Bible also endorses slavery as part of the spoils of war.  So, if you want to pick some hunk of religious doctrine, go ahead, but don't expect the PUBLIC schools to endorse or protect your viewpoints. 
In Alameda, Calif., officials started to introduce new tolerance lessons after teachers noticed grade-schoolers using gay slurs and teasing children with gay or lesbian parents. A group of parents went to court seeking the right to remove their children from lessons that included reading “And Tango Makes Three,” a book in which two male penguins bond and raise a child.
The parents lost the suit, and the school superintendent, Kirsten Vital, said the district was not giving ground. “Everyone in our community needs to feel safe and visible and included,” Ms. Vital said.

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