Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Rose By Any Other Name

Would an airport by another name smell as sweet (if burning aviation fuel is a sweet smell, that is)?  Fun Economist story (HT to Florian Bieber) about naming of airports in the Balkans and the controversies than ensue.  The Macedonians are naming everything after Alexander--fun to tweak the Greeks, I am sure.  It is easy to mock these folks, but, then again, I still call the airport near the Pentagon "National Airport" and not "Reagan National Airport."  Given Reagan's hostility to the air traffic controllers' union and my own sense that he was pretty over-rated (Bush Jr. makes him look better in retrospect), I find the name a big galling.  So, who am I to mock the Balkan folks?  Oh, an American blogger.  Never mind.

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