Monday, November 1, 2010

Walking Dead Not Only Lives but Rocks

I was really glad to see that Walking Dead got great ratings, as I really enjoyed the first episode and the ratings mean a second season if they contniue.  My comments on the first episode below:

I don't have that much to say or that much that would be spoiler-ific.  But just a few thoughts:
  • Yes, it starts like many Zombie movies and the last scene in Atlanta looked like a lot of Z movies as well, but there is more to it.
  • Best part of the Zombies--they have some sort of memories and lives to lead when they are not walking towards a human or horse.  The commuter Z seem to rest on the bus, the army Z rests in the tank, the former wife comes by the house every night it seems, and the kid z looks for and finds her teddy bear.  This has much potential.
  • The humans--are flawed and will react differently to the pressures of living in a Z-world.  
  • The show is more than whack a Zack (WWZ's VC/Charlie name for Zombies), but the whacking is pretty graphic: Peckinpah as applied to zombies.  
  • Nice to see that they didn't have to take too much time to figure out that it is all about the head shot.  I hate folks who fight Zombies taking forever to realize that.
A great start to a short season.  I have only read the first book of comics (six or twelve comics to a volume--I forget), so I think I know where this season will go, but I am sure I will be surprised just a bit along the way.

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