Friday, September 2, 2011

APSA 2011 Day 2

Again, not much blogging since I cannot use my smartphone in the US without paying $$.

My first panel on ethnic stuff went well.  A nice range of papers: our paper on a very preliminary set of data on diasporas, a paper on Kosovar diaspora, one on de facto states (Abhkazia), impact of ethnicity on mediation of conflicts (apparently ethnic fractionalization makes mediation easier), and a paper on how states react to secession with a focus on Pakistan.

Otherwise, heaps of meetings with former grad students, colleagues in the field and friends from grad school.  Plus a book room tour.  I really need to read faster. 

Seattle remains beautiful and sunny. 

I have no reactions to whatever is going on in the world since I have no clue.  Talk amongst yourselves while I am out of touch.

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