Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Flying Ethics

After proving how self-centered I am with my previous post about my willingness to fly regardless of the environmental consequences, I will now present my rules for flying behavior.
  1. I do not tilt the seatback more than an inch or so unless the seat behind me is empty.  I have spent way too much time behind people who seem oblivious to the person behind them.
  2. I cede the armrest to the person in the middle if I am on the aisle (which I always am).  But my space begins on the other side of the arm rest and I will defend that turf.  Last night I was stuck with a thin tall guy who had no sense of space, kept occupying mine.  Oy.
  3. I don't look nasty at the parents with screaming kids, but will ask if they can control the kid if he/she wants to use the back of my seat for soccer practice.
  4. If I am in the middle or window seat, I try only to get up once or twice during a longish flight.  I get out of my seat to let the middle/window folks out when I have the aisle seat (which is almost always), but prefer to keep that dance down to 2-3 times per medium flight.  The elbow guy from last night wanted to do that dance again and again.  
So, what rules do you have?

Oh, and I am a big fan of Trip It and Flight Track apps.  Helps to organize the travel info and keep me informed as I travel.

Anyhow, that is enough travel blogging for now.  I have a whole week before I go again, this time to LA. 

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