Friday, September 30, 2011

Art Imitating Life

Community is a wonderfully unrealistic, silly show that is frequently making fun of the very sitcom enterprise.  But this week, it was making fun of Model UN and of the UN itself.  Good times.  In the competition between two Model UN teams seeking to represent the school, one team chose to be reasonable, leading to the prof (played by Freeks And Geeks vet Martin Starr!) to rule for the other team:
That's the common sense move, one that flies in the very face of the UN itself, a fundamentally symbolic organization founded on principles of high minded rhetoric and empty gestures.
I knew there would be more poli sci this year and would have a fun actor from a great TV to cameo as the poli sci prof.  Complete with beard!  But little did I know that it would make fun of the UN so adeptly.  Good times.  I look forward to more Poli Sci Community and hopefully getting a nice clip of that piece to show in future classes.

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