Thursday, September 1, 2011

APSA log, Day -1

First day in Seattle was great.  The city is beautiful, the weather was great, and I went to a very good ballgame with some friends.

First observations:
  • Lots of panhandlers and young folks wearing official looking vests and then also asking for money or time or something.  But best one was the guy whose sign read "$$ for weed."  I appreciate that kind of honest.
  • Indeed, I think I finally know where the word grunge came from.  Lots of young folks who obviously are just scraping by while trying to make it or not.
  • Saw something I have never seen before--a stand at the convention center that held bags one would grab for a wet umbrella.  I will have to take a picture.
  • Using the standard--uphill is direction x and downhill is the opposite direction does not work so much since the downtown seems perched on a series of hills so that one can go downhill in a couple of different direction.

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