Sunday, September 4, 2011

APSA 2011 Day 3

Seattle remained beautiful.  No rain, just sunny and no need for these "umbrella condoms" [phrase used by a Seattle-based friend].

This conference proved one thing above all others--APSA needs to go outside the rotation of SF-Boston-Chicago-DC.  How about Denver?  Next year in New Orleans seems like a bad idea--hot, humid and deep in hurricane season.  I am seriously thinking of not coming to next year's conference.  However, given that I am a conference addict, I probably will sweat and dodge hurricanes.

Yes, conferences are worth the trip.  Today, I chaired a roundtable of political scientists who spent some time doing policy, getting nostalgic for my joint staff days.  I chatted with a Canadian publisher about a potential spinoff of the NATO and Afghanistan book--using the Afghanistan experience to figure out Canadian politics and such.  I met with one of my grad students to talk job market stuff.  Lots of jobs this year, so I am optimistic.  Easier for me than for the students.  And I bumped into a bunch of folks. 

Now I just have to catch up on a heap of tweets and newspapers and other stuff.

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