Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Random Election Post

The votes are coming in for the Florida primary and there are so many ways to spin a Romney 46%, Gingrich 32%, Santorum 13% (the numbers at CNN at the moment, 95% reporting).
  • Landslide for Romney.
  • Divided GOP, as two opponents essentially match Romney.  In other words, not Romney ~ Romney.  
  • One third of the GOP prefers serial adulterer/Clinton-electing*/moon-fantasizing/flip-flopping  lobbyist.  So much for the party of family values and the defense of marriage.  Just an awful excuse for a human being yet a large hunk of the Republicans who turned out prefer him to Romney, Santorum and Paul.  Exactly what does Gingrich have to offer as he is the most unelectable candidate (well, except for Santorum ... and maybe Paul)?  He can fake being smart, but only if smart means coming up with strange ideas and then bullying other people.  Would it be unfair to suggest that the core family value of this group of voters is hate?  Or if hate is not a value, then how about intolerance?
Ok, there are probably other ways to spin the results but I am not going to watch cable TV to hear them.  So, any suggestions from the Spew gallery?
*  Of course, I don't mind that Gingrich helped to get Clinton re-elected in 1996 with the government shutdown, but I would think that Republicans might remember and mind it.

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