Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Countdown Begins

In one month (the last Thursday of June), we will be unpacking and awaiting the technicians to connect the internet and the satellite dish.  So, my long march out of town is near an end.  Ordinarily, this process is far shorter, as academics usually get job offers in the winter or early spring, bargain and then decide, with only a few months to get the wagon packed.  But I have known about this since, well, August. 

This has given me much time to reflect on the place that I lived the longest since high school.  I spent more than I should this morning on a future blog post--one slated for the day the movers come to pack things up.  Despite all my complaining about the roads and Quebec corruption and despite some unfortunate obstacles along the way in my time at McGill (I will not link to the relevant posts but they are not that hard to find), I know that I had it mighty good here.  I had a Canada Research Chair which gave me a fancy title, course reductions, and seed money for research.  I helped in hiring a great batch of folks, including several who became lifelong friends (whether they know it or not!), and teaching here has been a blast.  I had a great batch of grad students who will be employed next fall.  While here, I got enough grant money to fund the travel for my second book (xenophobia rocks!?) and even more travel for my third book.  I got to live in a town with the most vibrant ultimate frisbee community I have experienced (apparently, Ottawa has a great one as well).  The skiing has been great, except this year. 

What got me thinking about all of this today?  Well, my wife has started a countdown on her FB page, but it was the news that I reached the top of the waiting list at the parking garage across the street from my office.  Not only is there a spot waiting for me, but the folks at the parking office were most friendly in letting me wait until July to start paying.  Thus far, everyone at Carleton has been most friendly and helpful.  Of course, it took about three years at McGill before the bureaucracy tried to fire me ....

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