Wednesday, May 23, 2012

McG Smooth Move of the Year

I have been pretty critical of McGill's handling of dissent this year, so I must take my bandana hat off to the folks running the place.  They sent out a memo today addressing the question of what happens to those students who have been admitted to McGill but will not have completed their requirements (no certification of completion of credits at CEGEPs closed by the shenanigans). 
As the situation unfolded, we anticipated that a number of those admitted would in fact have difficulty in finishing on time. Accordingly, we have designed special provisions to ensure that most of the affected CEGEP students – presently estimated to be about 330 individuals – should be able to begin our fall term on time.
Wow!  What a smart way to go.  Rather than being stuck by past rules and fear of future precedents, the administrators decided that being caught up in the turmoil should not hinder a student's educational journey.  Sure, one can look at this as a raised middle finger at protesters and/or the Quebec government since it is saying that McGill is beyond and above the petty problems and that efforts to derail things will fail, at least at McGill.  But I think this is the right thing.  Sure, some of the students who have not completed are being given a reward for the dissent they supported.  But others, who did not vote or voted against strikes, will not see their lives disrupted by the poor choices of the organizations and the government.

So, on this, woohoo, McGill!

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