Monday, May 7, 2012

New Metaphors for Defense

One of the my most memorable days at Oberlin long ago was when a student group put up various effigies and other symbols to protest American defense spending and the emphasis on war.  What was so memorable?  Well, the missile as phallus was a dominant theme that day.  Uncle Sam was decorated with a particularly large, ahem, missile, for instance. 

I raise this now because I have no idea what this image of a blimp over Afghanistan implies for future discussion of body parts, imagery and war:
Nipple of the Eye in the Sky
This picture was entitled "Nipple of the Eye in the Sky"

Does the increased role of women in combat and women as a means for war (disguised suicide bombers, targets of intel acquisition, etc.) mean that we are now seeing different kinds of images?  Or am I just way over-thinking this?

Your thoughts?

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