Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Selective Reading Illustrated

 I have blogged before about how selective people's readings are of the Bible and other other totemic text, like ... Clausewitz.  This picture does the best job of illustrating this.  Ye olde text says many things, so let's just pick the one thing that supports one's attitudes (homophobia) and ignore the rest (tattoos as taboo, legitimating slavery, yada, yada, yada). 

I will shall rely on a selective reading of a different text: equal protection (I tend not to consider gun ownership sacrosanct nor am I all that focused on quartering of soldiers these days).  I think that one pretty much trumps everything else that might suggest it would be ok to discriminate against people due to their sexuality.

But folks who want to use the Bible to justify being intolerant--go ahead.  I am sure that is consistent with the rest of one's beliefs.  And, yes, consistency is the hobgoblin!

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