Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lacking a Learning Curve

As the votes are tallied against the deal that might have ended the student boycott in Quebec, the violence has ramped up with more smoke bombs tossed in the Metro system:
This is a line of folks who are taking the bus since the subway system was closed. Anarchists, I guess, don't really mind antagonizing everyone--they have no goals to realize, I guess.  But the student groups seem to have aims, wildly unrealistic ones.  Pissing away all of their political capital and alienating the province does not seem to be strategic. 

Henry Aubin has a great column today enumerating the many costs and consequences of this unending movement. The funny thing about all of this is that usually we see governments pursuing policies that hurt the young by pushing the costs down the road with higher debt (the refusal to adjust medicare, social security today).  Here, we have students saying: we don't want to pay now, assuming that the costs, in the form of more debt, will have no consequences down the road.  Bad math, indeed.  And not much of a learning curve, either.

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