Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Disney Stars/Star Disneys Continued

I posted yesterday my preferences for which pieces of the expanded universe made sense possible directions for the new Disney Star Wars effort.

This post here does a nice job of raising some issues about my speculation and suggesting some general rules of thumb (more women, please).  I also like John Scalzi's take.

The reality is that we have no idea what will happen.  We should set our expectations on medium.  Disney has done a very good job with Marvel and Pixar properties, the Star Wars universe has heaps of potential, and so on.

The big question is how much did Disney have to promise to Lucas--use his old ideas, keep the old canon, or just sally forth bravely and boldly?  I don't know.  So, we can have several years of speculation before the big movie hits in 2015.  I know I will see whatever is produced.  I am an optimistic sucker. 

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R. William Ayres said...

To be fair, they've done well with the Muppets as well in the wake of Jim Henson's death. They seem to have taken a lot of the earlier critiques about the Evil Empire and Disnification (see, for example, what they did to poor Winnie the Pooh) to heart, and so are trying to keep things that they acquire reasonably authentic.