Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dublin Day 3: Howth and Whiskey

In my last full day in Dublin and the only one I could dedicate entirely to tourism, I went to Howth and then learned much about whiskey.

Howth is a town on the coastline with some really cool cliffs and views.

Then I went to the Jameson distillery tour (unlike Guinness, this site does not really produce).  I got to be on the panel of tasters, comparing the thrice distilled Jameson to the twice distilled Scotch (Johnnie Walker) to the once distilled Jack Daniel's.  Twas an educational experience.  I am just sorry there is no Bailey's tour.  Of the three Irish drinks, I think I prefer Bailey's > Guinness > Whiskey.  Oh well.

Tomorrow I go to London so that I can present two different talks on Monday:  my progress on diaspora research (not much) and the implications of the Steve and Dave book on caveats for NATO's smart defense (not good). 

Enjoy Canadian Thanksgiving, Columbus Day, and fall in general.  I do love my job.

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