Thursday, October 4, 2012

Travel-Induced Blogging Shortage

I am in Ireland!  I have three talks to give over the next few days in Dublin and London so I was mostly off the net yesterday.  I missed the debate.  Well, I didn't see it, but I didn't really miss anything.

So far, mission accomplished:
 I learned much about Guinness beer.  What a huge building/tour!!  Still, I have noticed a strong correlation between fun and taste.  My favorite beer factory tour thus far was Alexander Keith's in Halifax.  We were led around by folks pretending it was the same time frame as when AK founded the company.  And I like AK more than Guinness.  Just not a Stout fan.  Still, a fun time, and the stew was great.

Maybe I will blog about US politics or about Turkey's border issue with Syria.  Or not.  I have got to remember how to sleep in a plane.  Oy.

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