Sunday, October 21, 2012

Looper and the Politics of Single Parents

I cannot help it.  I had to think about Romney after seeing Looper.  Spoilers dwell below

So, if you have seen Looper, you know that Emily Blunt's character lives to raise the super-TK boy who otherwise would have become a mass murderer in the future.  Skipping the whole confusing time travel stuff (I love Bruce Willis refusing to get into the details of time travel in the diner, given how complicated it becomes), it does, of course, resonate after Mitt Romney's insistence that the solution to gun violence with assault rifles is to make sure kids grow up with two (straight) parents. But Emily's character is single, so that suggests that TK boy would still grow up to be a mass murderer. 

Dammit, Mitt, why did I have to think about that at the end of the movie, rather than the John Connor possibilities--that Joseph Gordon Levitt's character might have fathered a kid with Emily Blunt in their one sexual encounter.  Isn't that always the outcome for a one-nighter in a time travel movie even if Joseph was not the traveler?  Hmmm.  Perhaps the super-TK kid becomes evil when he gets jealous of the new baby brother/sister that soaks up all of Emily's attention?? 

Overall, a very good movie that seemed to get most, if not all, of the time travel stuff right. 

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Brandon Valeriano said...

Just saw it. Thankfully I did think about Romney and just enjoyed the movie.