Thursday, October 25, 2012

When A Party Goes Too Far

I remember the good, old days when the Republicans, in their opposition to abortion, would make exceptions for rape and incest.  They knew that however controversial abortion in general is, that there was a national consensus that women should not be forced to have children produced by rape or abortion.

But then the party seems to be captured by its very, very far right, so Akin and others are dragging Romney down by alienating women, by reminding people that the social conservativism of the GOP is not just about being a good Catholic or evangelical Christian but about reversing 50-100 years of progress.  Check out

Of course, these folks are pretty darned averse to reality.  I just got in a quick twitter conversation with someone who was quibbling with my take on Sarah Palin's latest utterances--using shuck and jive to talk about the President.  I engaged this person until I checked their twitter profile which referred to the Oppressed Majority.  Oh yeah, whites are very oppressed in the United States.  Sure.  Well, as a white guy who grew up in the US, I cannot say that I have been oppressed for my whiteness or my male-ness.  Anyone who claims that white men are oppressed in the US is so divorced from reality that they are not worth engaging.  

So, this song goes out to the retrograde GOP who find themselves alienating not just a minority such as African-Americans or Hispanics but a majority--women:

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