Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Corruption Tax

The investigation into the Montreal construction-corruption industry has implicated the Mayor.  Shocking?  Nay.  Excuse me, non.  I love that the Mayor's lawyer is now trying to challenge the witness.  That is going to keep him in business because it is not about challenging one witness  but the stream of witnesses.  So Mayor Tremblay is avoiding various appearances.  That makes him a gutless weenie.  If he is innocent (ha!), he should stand up for himself.  If he is not, then, well, suck it up.

The timing, of course, could not be worse, as Tremblay is proposing a tax hike. Since the government seems to be utterly corrupt, wasting huge amounts on crappy infrastructure programs, one would think that instead of raising taxes, the city could just agree to waste less of it.... at least while the corruption investigation is going on.

Tremblay is a disgrace, but he is not alone--this is a long term problem touching all of the major parties.  But the good news is that we can focus on nationalism in the next election and ignore the countability problems, right?

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