Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

Today, in the Ottawa Citizen, there was a feature story about where to go in case of a Zombie outbreak and whether Ottawa would do well or poorly in such an event.  This story was tied to a Zombie-walk today.  Hence the title to this post--tis the best of times as the Z-silliness spreads like a virus.  But it is the worst of times, as I am buried in work so that I cannot spare the time to venture out to watch or even join the shuffling and moaning*
*  Is that as pejorative for Zombies as Palin's "shuck and jive" for the President?  Probably Not.
By Halloween, I need to:
  • review a book manuscript (late), 
  • review an article (late), 
  • revise a memo to go the publisher to explain how my co-author and I will respond to the positive yet contradictory reviews of our book manuscript (confusing and also fits the title of the post well), 
  • prepare for class on Monday, 
  • write and post the paper assignment (very late), 
  • start the new NPSIA blog (ok, overdue and going to be kicked down the road), 
  • make progress on the massive (in terms of documents, not in terms of $) grant proposal, 
  • write a batch of letters of recommendation.
Talk about trick or treat!  Again, I love my job and it allows me to a lot of fun stuff (Dublin and London last month, Phoenix in December, etc., but oy!  Anyhow, expect light blogging except for occasional whining.  It could be worse, Ottawa could be hit by a hurricane this weekend.  Good luck to the East Coast.  Oh, and good luck to those in swing states that have to endure a heap of political ads.  The end is near!  To the election season and perhaps to everything if we don't prepare for the Zombies.

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