Friday, October 19, 2012

Project Much? Understanding the VoterFraudFraud Obsession

I finally understand the GOP's obsession with voterfraudfraud.  They suspect the Democrats of doing voter fraud because they would do it.  Scratch that, the GOP is doing it.  So, if the GOP is doing it, shouldn't they be expecting the Democrats to do it, too?  Sure, it makes sense to pass legislation that might restrict the Democrats from doing voter fraud in ways they can while the GOP engages in voter fraud in ways that the legislation does not address. 

So, the GOP is only really guilty of projection rather than being entirely fraudulent in their accusations?  They may sincerely believe that everyone does it since they do?

I guess I am happy now that I understand that the Republicans are making accusations due to psychological processes of self-deception rather than being cynical about the political process. Or am I?  Are you?

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