Monday, December 25, 2017

2017 Highlights: Positive Meme?

Last night, a guy I don't know started a twitter conversation aimed at creating some positivity, which has been in short supply this year:
My first instinct was to focus on some of the sillier ones:
1) Having a tweet liked by Mark Hamill
2) Being followed on twitter by Henry "the Fonz" Wrinkler
3) Hitting the top category of frequent flier mileage.

But to be serious and to recognize that 2017 was a very cool year
1) Twas a record travel year going to several places I had never been before: Mumbai, Hong Kong, Riga, Rio and Brasilia, as well as some cities in Japan that I didn't visit the first time--Nagano and Niigata.
2) Published the first piece of the next big project.

3)  Managed not to lose my temper during the odyssey to Seattle, which had two tarmac stays of multiple hours, two missed connections, three hour wait for service, renting the wrong car in a city we had not planned to travel through, being wildly overcharged (as in 10x) for the aforementioned car.  The cruise at the end of this trip was fantastic, so it was all worth it. 

Given that I was on sabbatical for half the year, I can't really complain.  We had some great adventures.  There was one last car accident for one family member (my niece dodged a deer, two trees, but, alas, the road as well).  And, well, the end of the year is bringing the family together as mortality is about to visit.  So, much perspective right now about the good things to appreciate.  We have been so lucky for so long....

Anyhow, happy holidays to you and yours.  More year in review stuff once I get back home in a few days.

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