Thursday, December 14, 2017

Best TV of 2017

Time for a pre-Star Wars, pre-Korean War (part deux) distraction: what is the best stuff on TV in 2017?  I have been seeing some lists and hearing some podcasts.  It has been amazing year, and I am far behind in my tv watching due to the breadth and depth of peak tv.

My criteria are pretty simple: was it fun? did it move me?  Did I feel compelled to binge?  Modest spoilers below.

  1. The Good Place.  Yes, fun, smart TV can be on an old style network.  Just so much fun especially for those who interact with philosopher types (political theorists come close).  A whole episode on the trolley problem (see below)!  An all knowing AI librarian robot who marries one person and then invents an AI lover.  The puns for the restaurants, the twists upon twists
  2. Master of None. Just amazing bit of tv.  The through plot was great, but the single episodes were so very special--the black and white start, the Thanksgiving episode, the one about New York.  Binge now!
  3. Stranger Things 2.  Just so much fun. Mrs. Spew does not like to binge, but we ran through this series quickly.  The kids were great although we would have preferred Eleven to be around with the others more.  The big battles and denouement were fantastic.
  4. Game of Thrones.  It was a bit uneven, and I hate when dumb is the plot engine. Still, some amazing stuff with some great scenes.  The practice combat between Arya and Brienne by itself puts this in my top top ten. 
  5. American Vandal. I didn't watch Serial so I didn't see all of the parallels, but this was just fantastic.  A very dumb idea became a clever way to make lots of fun jokes, some incredible graphics, lots of fun tangents, and, yes, consequences.  
  6. Better Call Saul.  Just trust Vince Gilligan.
  7. GLOW.  I enjoyed lady wrestling.  Yes, I did.  Of course, it was inevitable since I am a big fan of Alison Brie.
  8. Runaways.  Their parents are evil, what do they do?  Great stuff.  They may move up the list.
  9. Silicon Valley.  Profane, hilarious, brutal.  
  10. The Gifted.  More mutants, more fun.  
  11. Brooklyn 99. 

What do I need to catch up on?
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.  I enjoyed the first season, and am way behind on the second and got turned off in the third, but it turns out that what I didn't like apparently turned out to be great--taking seriously the crazy part.
  • One Day at a Time.  I enjoyed the first episode, but didn't follow up.  It is getting raves so I will try some more. 
  • The Americans. I love it, but I can't get it up here (or other FX shows) except by DVDs and they ain't out yet for the most recent season.
  • Dear White People.  Interesting stuff, but I keep falling behind.  
  • American Gods--I got Amazon recently for this and just haven't gotten to it yet. Same for Godless and Marvelous Mrs. Maaisel
  • I am behind on Fargo so I am not sure what I saw counts as 2017

Just an amazing year of tv.  So much to watch.  What are your faves?

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