Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Best Movies of 2017

I realized after seeing a list of best movies that I have not seen as many movies this year as I had expected.  I blame Netflix and Amazon for too many great TV shows plus heaps of travel.  So, my top ten is almost but not quite the entire list of movies I have seen.  And, yes, it is heavily loaded with comic book/action movies since those are the ones I go to the theater for.  We have seen a bunch of movies at home, but few seem to come to mind right now.  Anyhow, here's my favorite movies of the year with the top three being very close and will probably change once I re-watch them:
  1. Get Out.  Just the smartest movie of the year, funny and scary and provocative.
  2. Last Jedi.  I have to go with the Star Wars movie.  This had so much good stuff in it, including Chewie and the tasty porg.
  3. Wonder Woman. Yeah, I am putting a DC movie ahead of the Marvel and Marvel/Sony productions.  It was so incredibly overdue, so very well executed, funny and moving.  
  4. Spider-Man: Homecoming.  Thor is in my head right now because of recency bias, but I always connect with Spidey.  They did a very nice job of realizing the character and breaking the rules--Peter's friend knows, MJ is revealed only late, and on and on.  The Washington Monument scene was terrific.  Not enough Marisa Tomei, but what can do you?
  5. Thor.  So much fun. So silly, with excellent use of Chris Helmsworth, redeeming a very boring character.  The play within the movie was amazing with such great cameos.  
  6. Dunkirk.  Speaking of terror, this movie really puts you in that battle from three very different perspectives.  Just amazing filmmaking.
  7. Lady Bird.  I think it was perhaps slightly overrated.  I enjoyed it, it was very funny, but it was not that special. 
  8. Baby Driver.  Didn't necessarily make much sense but was a great ride with excellent soundtrack.
  9. Colossal.  Yeah, I am an Anne Hathaway fan and she got to do some interesting stuff here.  The whole concept was quite innovative.
  10. a tie between Logan Lucky and Atomic Blond.  Both were very entertaining.
Honorable mentions goes to:
  • War Machine--which had some of my words five minutes into the movie.  Not the M*A*S*H of Afghanistan, alas.  
  • Logan.  It was well made, and paid off greatly. But it was a downer, so not a top ten for me.
  • Split turned out to be quite compelling.  Anything to generate more movies in the Unbreakable universe.
  • The Babysitter.  A netflix movie about a kid who discovers that his babysitter is, um, wow.  Funny, horror, gross, great combo. 
  • The new King Arthur was actually pretty good.

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