Friday, December 18, 2009

About Time!

DNC pounces on GOP senators

Dems take less than 24 hours to use vote against military funding to pound GOP senators.

It is about time the Democrats learned how to play a bit of hardball.  I still think that Obama has been setting traps for the Republicans with the time he spent deciding on Afghanistan and how he has played the health care reform.  Or at least, I would like to think so.  So, I do take a heap of delight that the Republicans, embracing the party of NO, voted against giving the folks in harm's way the stuff they need.  Of course, they didn't mean to and knew it would not have that impact, but two can play this game. 

Note the last picture of the video has a soldier cradling his baby (presumably his).  Yow!

And here is a good explanation of Frankel shutting up Lieberman.  Frankel was apparently following orders to keep things moving and was not doing it as a liberal shutting up an anti-liberal, but the optics were great.

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