Thursday, December 17, 2009

Health Care Reform Sucks Less Than Some Think

See Steve G's post that links to other stuff that argues that the passage of the current bill would be a good thing, if not the best that we can imagine.

And, yes, Obama has not given the Liberals everything they have hoped for, but he is the best they can expect anytime soon.  You think Hillary Clinton would not be dodging and weaving to the center?  That the Senate would not be getting in her way or in the way of some imaginary alternative? 

As I have said before, Obama got an historically bad set of cards to start his administration, and has been thoughtfully trying to work things out.  The problem will be that avoiding disaster will not that well, but I cannot imagine that McCain or Clinton would have done as well on the economy, on the wars, or on health care. 

I do think that Obama has made mistakes, particularly on implementation--that his folks should have used their discretion differently on transparency and the like.  He needs to move on gays in the military--define it as a readiness issue and get going.  But his plate has been incredibly full. 

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