Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Best What Else?

Ok, music, TV, film for the aughts are done.  I have to ponder books next (although just listing HP 1-7 could do it), but what other stuff should I create absurd or ill-considered rankings?

CNNSI has best football stuff.  I am sure other sports stuff can be ranked (best games, best plays) although my selection would be spotty since much of that stuff blends together. 

Best fashion trends?  Not for me since I am not a fashionista.  Best new cuisine?  Um, I have added Lebanese food to my repertoire thanks to my time in Quebec, but otherwise not too much has changed.  I am now better educated about beer.  But best beers of the Aughts?  Probably not. 

Best scandals?  Steve's most egregious mistakes in the Aughts?  

I will, in a few days, consider what I have learned or how I have changed since 2000.

Readers, let me know and I shall be your servant.  In other words, grading is damaging my imagination (although my students will disagree at 9am tomorrow morning when they start their final exam).

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Best teaching moments?