Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Time to Share Final Exam Questions

Dan Drezner posted his, so I will post mine, given the discussion in the comments of this post.

Imagine the following scenario: the world is in the beginning stages of a pandemic—that a virus that kills people and then turns them into undead (Zombies) has started to spread. Significant international cooperation will be required to contain this crisis.

Given what you have learned about the causes and probabilities of cooperation among countries, is it likely that the countries of the world will be able to cooperate to deal with this crisis? Or will they fail? Why or why not?

Inspired by last summer's discussion about Zombie papers.   And by the future textbook produced by the aforementioned Drezner.  The focus of much of the stuff in the last part of my class is on international cooperation.  Feedback has been good, but I would guess that those who were too pissed off did not bother to email.

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