Monday, December 7, 2009

Grad Student Living

I have had conversations over the past week or two with my grad students about how much work do they have to do to make money and how much that interferes with their efforts to make progress through the graduate program.  I suggested that perhaps spending less might make sense, but this guy has taken this to an extreme that I would not recommend.

And the really bad news about this guy--he is engaged in graduate work in liberal studies. Which I guess is good news--he has developed a set of skills that will help him when he fails to find an academic job.

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Mrs. Spew said...

Au contraire, the guy's going to do a spate of articles, get a book deal to write about his experiences, get a commentary job on t.v. re avoiding debt, education costs and simplifying lifestyles, and probably has a novel percolating. His extreme experiment is going to turn into a career. Literary agents are already trying to get in touch with him, as are journalists.