Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December Freeze Reminders

This is the first time I can remember in my eight winters in Montreal where we have had a serious cold snap in December.  Usually, we get a week or two in January, but we are getting hit this week.

These times always remind me that:
  • Fahrenheit might have had a dog.  That is, I can tell if it is above or below 0 degrees F as my dog (and when I had two, both dogs)  behave differently.  She looks at her paws as she walks, and the time outside is much shorter.
  • Or, Fahrenheit may have just known that 0 F is the point at which things get seriously uncomfortable.  The way I can tell is that the snot in my noses freezes below 0 F.  Gross but true.
  • When it is around 15-42 F or -9 to 0 C or so, then the slush and snow tends to fly up on windshields, making it hard to see.  I invest far more on windshield washer refilling in Canada than in the dustiest part of Texas.  But when it is colder, that stuff does not spray--everything is frozen pretty solid, so there is bright side to severe cold.  Of course, when it gets substantially below 0 F or -18 C, then the car is not so happy. The one car garage, two car problem becomes more than inconvenient. 
Anyhow, I hope your winter is warmer than it is here, slush-free windows or not.

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