Saturday, December 12, 2009

Big Moments of the Aughts

I am stealing from Lil Steve as he steals from me: what were the big life-changing events for me over the past ten years (distinct from how things are different as I approach 2010 from where I was in 2000)?
  1. Getting tenure (2000) Natch.  No more Colonel Hogan--I went from senior junior faculty to junior senior faculty.  But I never really enjoyed a tenured moment at TTU, as I immediately left town for:
  2. A Year in the Pentagon (2001-02).  This would have been an amazing experience that changed many things, even if 9/11 didn't happen on the first day of my second week.  Included a trip to Brussels/Naples/Sarajevo/Tuzla.
  3. Ties That Divide Published (2001).  Cool cover.  I long feared that someone would say what I wanted to say before I got there. 
  4. Moving to McGill and Montreal (2002).  Canada really is more than just a colder version of the US.
  5. Trips to Budapest and Bucharest (2002-04).  I had a series of amazing times in Hungary and Romania as I researched my next book.  Interviewing folks turns out to be the funnest part of the job.
  6. First Cashout (2005).  Started playing online, the video game that pays me.
  7. ISA in Hawaii (2005).  Took my family to a conference in Hawaii.  Best moment--my daughter losing a disposable camera while climbing Diamond Head.  Great history/tourism as well.
  8. Disneyland/San Diego family trip (2007).  Happiest place on Earth indeed.
  9. Afghanistan (2007).  Boys and then toys and then some.  An incredible experience.
  10. Kin or Country Published (2008).  Best part--I can now speak of my "first book" and my "second book."
  11. Jessica starts playing ultimate, wins the first tournament she enters (2008).  Takes me along for the ride.
  12. Start Blogging (2009).  Writing out loud turns out to be useful for thinking about stuff. 
  13. Summer of research travel: Paris, Berlin, London (2009).  Great conversations, terrific food (and beer), great tourism.
  14. Ultimate peaks (2009)  Member of winning team of grandmaster tourney in September and then in November I finish the fall season with a Moo-dive! 
Key Moments, dates uncertain:
  1. Picking up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, early Aughts.  The addiction that keeps me thrilled for the entire decade.
  2. Jessica starts to ski with extreme confidence (2006 or 2007).  Somewhere around here, skiing with Jessica moves from being mildly fun to kickass experience as she starts taking me into the bumps and trees.
  3. Become a regular on TV (2007-2008 ish), as CTV Montreal's Afghanistan expert (10 days in country does the trick).
  4. Join Facebook, originally to catch students cheating on take home exam, but becomes incredibly handy for catching up with all kinds of folks.
  5. Start going to brew pubs and ordering the sampler. 

I am sure I am leaving some stuff out.  And, no, all of the major moments with my wife occurred in the 1980's (meeting, moving in together) and 1990's (marriage, first kid, second kid, televised scandal, etc.).

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