Thursday, December 17, 2009

Montreal Mass Transit: Starting the Day With An Interesting Choice

Last year, the suburban rail system got a lot of criticism for bad service, especially in the winter, after a rate increase.  Trains were late, the additional cars they leased did not match the platforms so only half the doors would be open, and then trains were really late when it got very cold.  Because winter was new to them, apparently.  Mondays were the worst because trains that sit for a weekend in very cold weather tend to have a hard time starting. 

So, they spent a lot of time and effort to convince the city that they were fixing the system.  The new train cars were put on the least intensively used (in other words, not mine) route, and cold weather seems to be a problem still.  The train was not terribly late today--only five minutes, but I was greeted with a choice.  I could get a seat on a car that apparently had no heat or stand in a car with heating.  Being the American wimp, I chose the latter.  So much for napping on the way in.  Good thing I had my latest podcasts. 

Just some short venting, but the funny thing is that the system is seeking a rate increase yet again, despite providing bad service.  Good thing that the Montreal election did so much to clean up corruption and punish poor service.  Oh, it didn't?  Never mind.

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