Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some Folks Just Don't Get It (updated)

I guess it is time for TTU to embarrass itself--it has been six months or so.  The head football coach, Mike Leach, has been suspended just days before the big bowl game (Alamo Bowl--ironic?) because he apparently abused a player who had a concussion.  Given all that has been reported over the past year about concussions, one would think that a coach would not force a kid with a concussion to stay in an equipment locker and punish him in other ways.  Allegedly.

This would not be out of character for Leach as he has shown repeatedly poor character--running up the score, blaming his players and avoiding personal responsibility.  Am I surprised that TTU would be behind the times when it comes to things like this?  Hardly.

Much of the discussion about the NFL and concussions has mentioned that change at that level is important because it might lead to changes elsewhere--colleges and high schools where the numbers of people at risk are higher and the vulnerability is more extreme (younger folks can be damaged more....).  This story suggests that any lessons at the professional level may not spread quickly to the lower levels, even if there is legislation or regulation as college head coaches are powers unto themselves.

UPDATE: Leach apparently was suspended because he would not apologize or even meet with TTU administrators.  And now he is seeking a court order to overturn the suspension.  The good news is that he has a contract extension that took some time to negotiate.  If I were TTU, I would fire his ass before his next bonus was due. 

PS  The coverage of Urban Meyer on ESPN now makes me miss TSN in Canada which rarely covers college sports.

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