Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hit You With Her Best Shot

Nice profile of Pat Benatar in the NYT.  She is plugging her new book, which sounds pretty interesting.  I like her take here in this article:

“It was a power thing,” she recalled. “I wanted to be Robert Plant in every way: the swagger, the open sexuality.” At the time, as she writes in her memoir, “the thought of having a female front person who could compete with male rockers, filling arenas, selling massive amounts of records, was unheard of.”
 But then:
That look “was a great idea when it was mine,” Ms. Benatar said the other day. “When they turned it into a marketing tool, I was just incensed.”
The piece mostly focuses on fashion, but as this quote tells you, there is far more to the Heartbreaker than that.

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