Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The World in 200 Years

Great, great video from 'lil Steve who got it from Kyle Saunders:

Shows changes in wealth and health for countries over the past 200 years.  Just a great video that is so clear and makes some important points.  One that is overlooked--the consistently lousy situation of the "blue" countries--Sub-Saharan Africa.  The US/China comparison is, of course, pretty interesting, especially how China had to recover from the Great Leap Forward.

Check it out--the most educational four minutes of youtube of the decade.

PS In a previous post, Steve suggests that my success relative to his (his take, not mine) must be due to my good looks since I am shorter than him (and shorter than the average American male, I suppose) and I certainly don't work harder than him (he was blogging about height impacting success and lil Steve is significantly taller than I am).  Of course, this assertion of his (that I am better looking) shows that he is not as good of a social scientist.  Where is the data?  (Rate your prof no longer lists counts of peppers...)  I would think if I have produced more stuff it is because I chose to be flexible about location in exchange for course reductions and more grant money, whereas he chose a particular locale rather than a place that would facilitate research.  Or it could be my beard.

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