Saturday, June 5, 2010

Last Lost Post (or not)

I was looking through my blog and found a post in February suggesting some bets about Lost before this last season started, so I thought it would be fun (for me, anyway) to see how I did.

Ok, so what kind of prop bets (as opposed to drinking games) can we suggest?

  • What year will most of the action of this season take place?  
    • 3-2 that it is 2007, the year the Ajira flight crashed.
    • 5-1 that it is 2004, the year Oceanic 815 crashed.
    • 6-1 that it is 2010, the present day.
    • 10-1 that it is some other time.
    •  Answer: 2007.
  • Where will the action mostly take place?
    • 3-5 that it will be on the Island.  But almost half of action in imagined community LA.
  • The over/under of the original castaways dying this year (and this bet is a push if the series ends with the lives and deaths of all over the course of time a la Six Feet Under)?  Those who count are: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Locke, Sawyer, Jin, Sun.
    •  Two.  
    • Answer: Over: Jack, Jin, Sun.  Didn't even mention Sayid here.  What was I thinking?
  •  That more than half of the aforementioned will have some kind of happy ending.
    • 3-1
    • Answer: Depends on your view of the LA reality, but just focusing on the Island folks: Less than half--Kate, Hurley, Sawyer.  Jack died happy, but that does not really count as a happy ending.
  •  Hurley will eat to excess.
    • 5-3
    • Not really
  • Juliet remains dead.
    • 2-1
    • More or less.
  • The rebooting worked
    • 3-2:  No.
    • Some/most of the characters remember the alternative time line: 3-2.  Sort of.  Depends on what one means by alt time line.
  • Who wins the ultimate battle:
    • Jacob: 2-1
    • Man in Black: 3-1
    • Neither: 5-2
    •  You could say that Jacob won since his plan was carried out.
  •  We will find out why Aaron's predicted life scared the psychic?
    • 10-1--my guess is that this gets entirely ignored.  Right, you are, Steve.
  • Number of tailies that appear in this season for more than just a flashback?  
    • Over/under is 3 (and that includes Bernard).  Libby, Bernard, Cindy (the flight attendant showed up several times).  Ana Lucia did show up in one episode, so over.
  • Penny and Des live happily ever after
    • 5-2:  Yes.
  • Charles Widmore does not.
    • 4-3.  Yes.
  • Ben has a happy ending
    • 25-1.  Ben defies the odds--happy ending as Hurley's second.  Plus his alt reality is pretty sweet, too.
  •  Will the Lost-viewing public be satisfied by this season?
    • 5-2.  Hmm, jury still out on that one.
  • Will I be satisfied by the way the show finishes?
    • 3-2 (I am relatively easy to please).  Yes.

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