Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Spew Identity Crisis?

I have frequently been amused by my reputation in the Montreal area as the media's go-to guy for a hardline view on Afghanistan.  Well, in comparison to most Montrealers/Quebecers/Canadians (and to most Obies as well).  And the reactions to my occasional op-ed tend to be from the left side of the spectrum.  Still, I was a bit surprised to find this morning that that yesterday's reaction to the story of Afghanistan's mineral resources to be very positive in right-wing blogs.

I have joked that years of exposure to very high taxes and very strong unions were turning me into a Republican.  Has it finally happened?  Um, no?  I still like Obama, more so than folks on the right or the left, I think.  I found health care reform to be a better option than no change.  I could go on, but my blog should have, by now, demonstrated that my basic inclinations are not on the right side of the political spectrum.  Perhaps it is because the American political spectrum has shifted so far right in my lifetime that a relatively moderate person could be now left-wing?  Maybe.

Or perhaps my pragmatism  (realism with a small "r) on international relations issues is confusing to ideologues.  My views on Afghanistan, for instance, are shifting, not because of interests and values at stake (my core beliefs and value may be consistent or not), but because I am re-assessing the probabilities of success and failure due to more information about Karzai.  Indeed, see here for yet another tale that raises more questions about the powers that be.

What does remain consistent?  My narcissism as I quickly spotted who was linking to my blog.  What else?  Basically this view:
“Staying where you are is not attractive, because sooner or later, it means you’ll lose,” Mr. Riedel said. “Obama inherited a disaster in Afghanistan and he faces the same bad options he faced in 2008.” NYT

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