Thursday, June 10, 2010

Israel/Palestianian Mythology

Tony Judt does a nice job of taking apart the myths about both sides (well, there are more than two sides, so kill that myth, too).  I especially like that Israeli s not the only "strategic liability" in the region:
Along with the oil sheikdoms, Israel is now America’s greatest strategic liability in the Middle East and Central Asia.
Is there any country in the region that would not be a strategic liability?  Judt seems to be a fan of Turkey and rightly worries that the impact of the US ties to Israel upon US relations with Turkey.  But then again, Turkey has its own liabilities, including its present behavior towards its Kurds and Iraq's, its continuing tensions with Greece over Cyprus and everything else, and so on.  So, if Turkey presents the the least liabilities amongst the countries in the region, that is pretty sad.

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