Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Blog Recommendation of the Week/Month/Year

True North is Roland Paris's new blog.  Two entries thus far.  Both sharp and chock full of informed opinions.  Canadian-centric but not typically Canadian in tone--Roland spent too much time in the US!  That is, Roland takes a bit of air out of recent polls that show that Canada is seen as a world power, putting into perspective this claim by considering who does and does not consider Canada in this light.  In short, the richer countries are less impressed than the poorer ones.  Likewise, his initial post raises questions about how Canada issues positive progress reports about Kandahar. 

So, for a sharp perspective on IR in general and the IR of Canada specifically, check out this blog.  If the first two posts are any indication (plus Roland has a hell of a previous track record), his blog is very much worth following.

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